Small Cock Humiliation

If there is one thing that all sissies have in common, it is tiny cock syndrome. For most, it is not even worthy of being called a dick. It is more like a clitty. Usually, around the 2 to 3-inch mark, it is a pathetic little nub that could not satisfy anyone, never mind a real live superior woman.


That is why more often than not, they are dressed up like a little sissy bitch in stockings, high heels and a nice frilly dress and panties. It does the sissy good, however, to be reminded from time to time that they are not a man.

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They are not male. They do not have a penis. They have a clitty. Helps to keep them in line. For that, a good dose of small cock humiliation is required and there are dozens of live femdom webcam Dommes available who revel in the act of degrading sissies with harsh words, cutting put-downs and nasty comments about their dick size or lack of.
The online Mistress loves to get a prissy sissy humiliated in front of her and make you pull your dress up to expose your little cit.

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Her cackling, mocking laughter will fill the air as she points at it and covers her mouth with her hand. The embarrassment you feel will cause you to bow your head. You know it is a pathetic little nub. She will love making you stand with your little frilly sissy panties on and show how you do not even create a bulge. She will enjoy making you tell her how small it is, how you could never satisfy a woman and how being a maid is the best you can hope for and all you are good for.It’s time to laugh at little dicks

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Being forced to measure your penis against small objects is a particular favourite of any superior female. Mocking your lack of size by having you hold a chipolata sausage next to it or a cigarette lighter. Holding her little finger up to the cam and wiggling it as she laughs at you and tells you how you will always be nothing but a loser who is only good to serve the superior sex and that any tiny maggot dick loser like you is a piss poor excuse for a man.

She will take great delight in the terror on your face as she tells you she is going to make a profile for you online and pimp you out as a cheap fuck to horny guys who want to fuck your ass or have you suck their cock. Your own dick is useless for sex but you will at least be of some use to guys with decent sizes.

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Maybe she will lock your tiny pecker in a chastity? It is no good for sexual purposes to a female so why allow it to get hard or for you to play with it? Locking it away and denying you the right to an orgasm or even an erection will remind you that you are a baby carrot dicked wiener whose only role in life is to don your little maid’s outfit, apply your make up and serve.
Whatever she decides to do to you, you will have no choice but to accept your humiliation at the hands of these mean bitches online.