Cuckold Humiliation

Any small dick sissy bitch knows there is no way they could ever get a hot, superior woman to sleep with them. The only way good looking women let losers like you near them is to serve them and pamper them. That is why you are always dressed in your finest sissy cloths of fluffy dress, frilly panties, sparkly high heels, sexy wig and full make up. With a tiny cock like that, you are not a real man any way. Your strict mistress will insist you are fully dressed as a sissy at all times to make sure you are always acutely aware that you are a pathetic little slave who gets treated accordingly. Your job is simply to

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– bring her wine
– rub her feet after a hard days shopping
– Lay out her cloths
– Serve her meals
– Do her cleaning and cooking and
– Be available at all times for anything she desires (oral sex, back rubs, shopping brought in etc.)
So you see, you are really nothing more than a sissy slave to her. As for sex, well you can forget that for starters. You will never EVER be allowed to stick that tiny chipolata anywhere near Princesses pleasure area and she will definitely never give you a hand job or a blow job. Your sexual relief will be limited because little dick losers like you do not deserve to feel relief due to being such a waste of space. It is not all bad news though. Plenty Mistresses and Dommes who own sissie slaves like you will allow you to watch, or at least be in the same room. All of our Cuckold Cams are available 247
As her little cuckold, you will be made to come to her sissy cams room fully dressed in your outfit and curtsey to her. From here, it can go one of two ways. Either she will enjoy telling you all about her real men lovers and her big dicked studs or she will have a real man with her and you will be made to sit and watch as she gets her brains fucked out.
If it is just her, she will have you sit there while she tells you all about the wild, sweaty sex session she had. She knows you lust after women like her and you would give anything to be allowed to have sex with her.

Your frustration and desperation turns her on and gets her wet so making you listen to her recount her sexual episode with a big dick stud will be heaven to her. On live femdom webcam she will tell you every little detail. How his cock filled her mouth as she sucked it, how it stretched her pussy as he fucked her, how he flipped her over and took her doggy style and pulled her hair and how he came deep inside her and filled her with his thick, real man cum. Sitting there all dressed up as a little maid, you will be completely humiliated as you are made to remember what a cuckold wiener you are.

Her laughter as you sit crest fallen imagining how her orgasm face must look, knowing you will never be able to fuck her or for her to suck you off. She might make you stand up while she is telling you and show off your frilly panties just to ensure you always remember your role in her life. As her cuck slave bitch to be humiliated and degraded.
If you are a good little sissy then you might be lucky enough to be allowed to watch Mistress be pleasured by her bull. As you enter the live webcam room, they will both probably laugh at you all done up like prissy bitch. Having another man laugh at you while you are dressed is particularly humiliating for you but tough. Forced to look at the screen, she will put his dick upclose and have you worship and admire it. Tell him how big it is and how much more of a man he is compared to a sissy faggot like you.

You will be ordered to sit on your hands and not touch your erect clitty as you watch them kiss passionately. Her hands slipping down to his monster trouser snake and you watch it grow in her hand as she wanks it. Then you will feel your dick throb as she gets on her knees and takes his monster in her mouth. Her slurping and licking will make you winch as you long to be on the receiving end of her warm, wet mouth. Her lipstick smearing it and his pre cum glistening. For extra humiliation at this point, he will probably give you a cheeky thumbs up.

Then he will flip her up so she is on all fours with her face to the webcam and you will have a full, uninterrupted view of the look on her face as he enters her from behind. Her face twisting in pleasure and biting her lip as he pounds her pussy, his dick stretching it wide. As she moans, gasps and screams you will be aware of how you will NEVER make a woman have these noises come out of her. As they both cum in sweaty heaps, your own cock will be desperate to spunk but they will probably have you toddle off to get them wine.
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